Low Cost E1 T1 PRI VoIP Gateways Routers ESBR


Patton Electronics introduces the new SN4170 and SN5570 T1 E1 PRI SmartNode VoIP units.

These represent an exciting price break-through for Patton coming in at between 25 and 33% LESS than Patton’s other T1 E1 PRI products.  You can use these new products as cost effective VoIP Gateways, Termination Devices, Security Devices and IP routers.

They are excellent for keeping legacy PBS systems going.  They are excellent for migration to all IP SIP telephony.

They also feature Patton’s versatile Trinity OS and, now come with a very helpful, time saving configuration Wizard.

Call us for pricing and other details — 610-399-3911